FLOVEL is one of the leading energy companies in the hydro power sector in Asia.  FLOVEL

has been experienced with the hydro power sector for over four decades and is a full-line supplier of hydro power plants; manufacturer of hydraulic turbines and turnkey supplier of electro mechanical packages for hydro power projects.

FLOVEL’s manufacturing range comprises of:

  • Pelton Turbines  up-to 1000 meters;

  • Francis Turbines  up-to 450 meters;

  • Kaplan Turbines  up-to 70 meters;

  • Axial Flow Turbines up-to 30 meters; and

  • Valves: Spherical/Ball valve, Butterfly valve, Pressure relief valves etc.

FLOVEL is in its ability to offer all-inclusive solutions (Electro Mechanical-Turnkey Packages) for the following business segments:

  • SMALL HYDRO – Up-to 30MW units

  • MEDIUM HYDRO – Up-to 60MW units; and

  • RENOVATION, MORDERNISATION & UP-GRADATION of existing hydropower plants. FLOVEL is a one source supplier and integrator of all components of hydropower plants including inlet valves, hydraulic turbines, generators, control systems, switchyard equipment etc.


Strength of FLOVEL is in its ability to offer all - inclusive solutions (Electro Mechanical -Turnkey Packages). Flovel is well equipped to continue to deliver cutting edge solutions.