JSC “IGHolding Rus” division in Saint-Petersburg, Directorate Akvametosynthez, specializes in works’ execution in the field of water purification and wastewater treatment.

JSC “IGHolding Rus” implements comprehensive solution to the problems of water treatment, and also serial production of units of water transfer and water purification and wastewater treatment in stationary and container version.

Rendered services:

Types of units:

Modular water treating units

Designed for treatment of natural waters from underground and surface sources to meet standards of drinking water or requirements for application in systems of industrial or power facilities.

Local sewage water treatment units

Designed for treatment of household, industrial, storm sewage water to meet the standards of  discharge into fishery waters or public sewer systems.

Sewage pumping stations

Designed for acceptance and transportation of household, industrial, storm sewage water to water treatment units and diversion of treated sewage waters from treatment units.

All manufactured products have necessary certificates and permissions either  in the field of units’ manufacturing or in the field of construction works.

Complete unit of water purifying and water treating equipment, automatized control systems and dispatching of different complexity, allowing monitoring and operation by means of remote access.

Technical support and maintenance service

Service specialists of our company are ready to  undertake fulfilment of all range of complex maintenance of the Customer’s equipment within throughout its service life at a high professional level.

Maintenance service may be performed on several key principles:

- periodic (yearly, quarterly, monthly)  maintenance, providing periodic inspection of the unit’s systems and execution of works on change of consumable materials in accordance with operation manual;

- constant services, including execution works on periodic maintenance with supply of consumable materials and parts, and also execution of repairing works  on a call of a customer and consulting support;

- comprehensive service, providing constant remote monitoring of the unit’s operation, control and provision of the stated technical parameters, execution of routine maintenance and repairing works without a customer’s personnel involvement.



Complex approach to rendering of the services on technical support and maintenance service of the units throughout its life cycle.