5IG® is our philosophy. It is based on the principles of project management, advanced technologies and modern methods.

The core of 5IG® project is the information-filled model of the capital facility in full or its part within specification of the Customer. Beyond facility’s visualization it allows us to provide the Customer with up-to-date information on parameters and characteristics of the Facility systems’ elements, and also on the scope of materials and works at each stage of the project on a real-time basis.

5IG® it is five states, which any capital facility passes through during its life cycle. And at each of those stages there are a number of challenges we are ready to meet together with the Customer.

IDEA (conceptual modeling)

  • Design concept of an idea
  • Elaboration of design and cost variants

DESIDN (design modeling)

  • Visualization of design results in the form of information content model
  • Facilitation of communication between the Customer and Design engineer
  • Reducing of design period by means of introduction of modern design technologies Implementation


  • Rendering of complex engineering services as per scheme EPC / EPCM
  • Services of technical advisor on the maintenance of the project
  • Control of time-frames and resource, improvement of communication between the Customer and Design engineer

Service maintenance

  • Planning of service works
  • Routine maintenance performance
  • Optimization of the Customer’s services

Monitoring and audit

  • Elaboration of variants of facility’s modernization, renovation, restructuring
  • Determination of necessary work scope
  • Financial analysis of expenses

5IG® for us is:  5IG® for our Customer is: